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Tips for Maximising Storage in Your New Kitchen Design

If you're renovating your kitchen or are having a new home built, you want to think seriously about how you'll maximise the storage space in your kitchen. Many homeowners think of the overall kitchen design and look of a new space, considering the fancy new appliances they want to include. But they don't give as much attention to storage space. Before you finalize your plans for your new kitchen, consider a few simple tips you might discuss with your contractor so you have maximum storage space.

1. Pull-out shelves

There are two reasons to consider pull-out shelves in all the cupboards and cabinets of your kitchen. One reason is that you can easily reach things in the back of the cupboards; you may not even store items all the way to the back of cupboards since they become virtually unreachable this way, and that space is then wasted. However, being able to pull out shelves means easy access to everything in a cupboard or cabinet, maximising its space.

The other reason to consider pull-out shelves is that this allows you to stack items on top of one another and still keep them accessible. You may not like to stack food cans or pots and pans on top of one another as this leaves items on the bottom of the stack difficult to access. However, with pull-out shelves you can easily store items all the way to the back of the cupboards and from top to bottom with ease.

2. Skinny pull-out shelves

Very often space in a kitchen is wasted because it's too narrow to put an actual cupboard or cabinet. For example, consider the space between your cabinets and your refrigerator or stove. Skinny pull-out shelves can maximise this otherwise wasted space; these are very narrow shelves that can hold tall bottles or cans or other such items and which make full use of this awkward space. Consider adding a set of these in any small and narrow area of your new kitchen. 

3. Shelves behind doors

You can always add shelves behind the doors of your cabinets and cupboards, but it's good to incorporate this into your new kitchen design so you know they'll fit, and then you can customize them for items you want to store. Add shelves behind the doors of your pantry so they can hold envelopes of seasoning and other such spices and behind the doors of the cupboards that hold your dishes. You can set serving platters on their sides and store them on these shelves, maximising space in the cabinets and keeping these items at your fingertips.