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Timber Decking | 3 Tactics To Plan Your Timber Deck Before Building

If you're looking to build timber decking for your patio space, then you have myriad of factors to consider before the actual building process, especially if you want to avoid any expensive fines or compromised structures later. This guide is designed to help you plan your outdoor timber deck before building.

Acquiring Approval From Your Local Council

Before building timber decking, approval from your local council is important to ensure that your structure complies with regulations. Every local area has their own rules and regulations regarding council permits for decks and outdoor structures, covering items like materials, structural integrity, construction standards and sizes. In some instances, you can get timber decking structures exempted from council approvals, so be sure to find out more details to save yourself time and money. For instance, depth of construction and ground ability to cope with loads of the deck may need council approval. But certain exemptions in terms of adjustments to sizes and structures may be available to you, so check with your local council before the actual building process.

Establish Your Deck Positioning

You will need to establish your deck positioning based on your personal needs and the backyard space you have available. If you have a small backyard, then your deck positioning choices may be limited. But if your home is located in the centre of your property, then you can establish your personal preferences when making a deck positioning decision. For instance, if you want to enjoy a good sunset, then you may want to position your timber decking to the west, but if you want the sunrise, then you may want to build an east-facing deck. If you want shade for the most part of the day, then a south-facing deck is ideal.

Make Sure That The Ground Below The Planned Building Site Is Clear

Before building your deck, you must ensure that the ground below it is free from water pipes, power cables and other connections to your home because hitting any of them is both expensive and dangerous for everyone. For this, you will need your timber decking builder to get in touch with the utility companies to find out where the pipes and cables are located in your property. While this may delay your process slightly, it's a small price to pay when you consider the thousands of dollars worth of damage you may cause if you cut through them while building your timber deck.

Make sure you follow these tactics in your quest to plan your outdoor timber decking structure.