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Why Should Your Buy a Pressure Washer for Your Patio?

Patios add value to your property, and improve your own quality of life. They are great spaces to unwind, and a perfect place for an outside table and barbeque for entertaining your friends and family. However, due to their outside location, patios are subject to a certain amount of staining from dirt and other contaminants, so you'll need to know how to keep yours clean and healthy. Using a pressure washer can be a great way to do it.

Why clean your patio?

Exposure to the elements can turn even the most stunning of patios into an eyesore, with dirt, moss, and grime building up across the surface. Letting your patio get into this condition means that it will be a less enjoyable place to spend time, and the value added to your house will be reduced or nullified.

The surface of the patio can also become slippery, potentially leading to outside accidents, and the dirt can easily be tracked back into your house. Even worse, a grimy buildup will retain moisture. This can easily lead to frost damage during the colder periods of the year, meaning that extensive repairs will be needed to bring the patio back to its former glory.

Why use a pressure washer?

You might be tempted to use a common hosepipe to clean your patio, but the results will be much better, and achieved much faster, if you use a pressure washer. These are precision instruments equipped with special nozzles that direct a high pressure stream of water against your patio to provide a highly effective clean with less water.

You'll save both time and money by using a pressure washer, and each one will usually be supplied with a number of different lance attachments, so you can adapt it to any job. Additionally, trusted models are often provided with special biodegradable patio detergents.

What will it remove?

Pressure washers are fully capable of removing dirt, debris, and undergrowth, and revealing the beautiful stones beneath. These are the most common causes of patio discoloration, and most homeowners are unlikely to have to deal with the problems listed above if they pressure wash them away.  

It's important to remember that pressure washers won't remove every stain. For example, oil stains must be shifted using a special compound, and rust will often be impossible to remove. Similarly, pressure washing cannot reverse the changes brought on by prolonged UV exposure. These limitations are important to consider when you're thinking of buying a pressure washer.

Which one should I buy?

If you've decided that a pressure washer is the patio cleaning solution for you, you'll still need to pick the right model. Firstly, resist the urge to pick up a cheaper washer—these will often lack the appropriate power. At the same time, be sure to buy one made for home use, as super high pressure industrial models can damage residential patios.

Finally, consider your personal needs. For example, if the patio you need to maintain has lots of small corners, make sure you pick a model with attachments to deal with that problem.

Pressure washers aren't for everyone, but they're perfect for larger areas, and they'll keep any patio in good condition. This means you'll enjoy yours for years to come.