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Ash-Laden Carpets? 3 Actions To Remove Ash Stains From Your Carpets After A Party

If you just hosted a party the night before, chances are your morning after is filled with tons of cleaning and tidying up, especially if your floors are carpeted. Your guests probably smoked a few cigarettes and drank a couple of drinks, all of which seemed innocent enough –– until you notice unsightly ash-laden stains on your carpets. Leaving it unattended for too long will embed the ash deeper into your carpet fibres, so follow these carpet cleaning actions to remove ash stains as quickly as possible.

Vacuum The Stained Ash Area

Your first action is to vacuum the stained ash area using only the suction function available on the machine. The air from the suction-only part of the machine is stronger and is able to pull ash off the carpet more easily. Avoid using any rollers or brushes because they may end up pushing ash stains deeper into your carpet fibres. This carpet cleaning step will remove most of the surface level ash on your carpet. If you have multiple ash stains, follow this step on every single one.

Use An Absorbent Ingredient To Lift Ash From The Fibres 

An absorbent ingredient is an excellent way to lift residual ash from the fibres of your carpet without too much difficulty. Good absorbent ingredients include baking soda and cornstarch. Baking soda may be the most ideal option because it not only lifts the ash from the carpet surface, but it also acts as a natural deodoriser to get rid of stale cigarette odours from the room. If you don't have baking soda, cornstarch or powder are viable alternatives. Let the absorbent ingredient sit for a few hours on the carpet. Vacuum up this absorbent ingredient because it will also lift up ash that has loosened from the surface. Once again, use only the suction part of the machine.

Blot With Soap Water

Mix some liquid detergent into a spray bottle filled with water. Spray this solution onto the carpet and blot with a paper towel. This carpet cleaning step will remove any of the remaining ash from the carpet surface. Keep blotting as much as possible until the ash begins to fade because it will eventually disappear completely. Once the stain disappears, dab the carpet with a dry paper towel and wait for it to dry naturally before letting anyone step on it. Don't use any heating devices to dry the carpet quicker because you may shrivel the carpet fibres.

Follow these smart carpet cleaning steps after a party to remove ash-laden stains.