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4 Important Tips for Increasing Security in Your Home

If you want to increase security in your home and reduce the risk of having it broken into, it's good to understand how and when burglaries occur and what puts a home at risk. If you think like a thief and know how they typically operate, you can make changes that are needed for keeping your home secure without investing in security features that will actually have little value for your home. Consider the following tips.

1. Invest in heavy-duty security doors.

A thief is likely to break into your home's front door or back door more often than a door wall or garage. This is because most doors are easy to kick open.

To reduce your risk of a home invasion, invest in a heavy-duty security door for the front and back entrances of your home. A solid metal door is heavier and tougher to kick in than a light wooden door, and will deter thieves more readily. Check out your options through resources like W & S Security Doors & Screens.

2. Add an additional deadbolt to the doors.

Most thieves count on a door lock and one deadbolt for a front or back door, so it's good to confuse them by adding an additional deadbolt to both doors. Even if they try to pick the locks, it may take so much additional time to get through all three that you will be alerted to their presence or they will simply get discouraged and leave your property.

3. Add pins and deadbolts to windows.

After your doors, the windows on the main level are the next favorite entry point for thieves. Small plastic locks that come with the windows are typically inefficient for keeping someone out, so add pins and deadbolts to these windows.

If you're on a very tight budget, you might get a scrap piece of thick wood and cut it to fit the frame of your window and slide it in when you're away. This will keep the window from being opened.

4. Install timers on the TV and a dog barking sound on a motion detector.

Most burglaries happen during the day when someone suspects your home is unoccupied. A good solution is to install timers for the TV or a radio. Most homeowners install timers on lights but thieves know that someone would not turn on a light during the day, so they're not fooled.

A timer on a TV or radio is a much better option. A dog barking sound on a motion detector can also work; this can make it seem as if there is a big dog on the other side of the door, which in turn can easily deter thieves.