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Well-Run Doors | 3 Simple Maintenance Tips For Garage Roller Doors

If you have decided to install roller doors for your garage, you know that there's the element of maintenance to prolong their shelf life. Most homeowners tend to take garage roller doors for granted, often ignoring them in the overall home maintenance plan – leading to expensive repairs later. Neglecting roller door maintenance could also lead to compromised safety and security for the home and family members. If you have decided to install roller doors for your garage, here are 3 simple maintenance tips to follow – so that they continue to remain effective and efficient in their long-run functioning.

Washing Roller Garage Doors

Clean your garage doors at least once a month by using clean soap water and a soft cloth to wipe it down. If you live close to the ocean, you may want to wash your roller doors more regularly because of the salt present in the air. If you have decided to install roller doors that are electric, make sure you don't wash with water around the electrical opener, as it may result in shock – causing death or injury. Washing the doors ensures that they remain clean and grime-free throughout. Without dirt and grime implanted on them, roller doors will function more efficiently for the longer term. 

Lubricating Roller Garage Doors

Any door that moves requires some form of lubrication to run efficiently. Lubrication is a key aspect to prolong the life of your garage doors. Consider lubricating them at least once every quarter to optimise the performance of your garage doors. Make sure you lubricate the screws and fasteners generously, so that they glide slickly and shut tightly. If you have steel hinges, you can use machine oil for cleaning and lubrication. For plastic hinges, you don't need lubricating oil – but silicon spray acts as a good lubricant if they tend to stick together. Use an oiled rag on the springs for thorough lubrication. Use chain lubricant for the opener chain.

Focus On Springs And Lifting Cables

Springs and lifting cables are of particular importance when you decide to install roller doors. The spring tension must always be at the correct level – the springs tend to lose tension and become loose after prolonged usage. This means that the roller door will become tough to operate and in some cases may stop working entirely. Lifting cables must also be tested for regular wear and tear like fraying and corrosion. If you notice any fraying, it's time to get the cables replaced for better functionality through a company like United Doors Pty Ltd.

When you decide to install roller doors for your garage, follow these simple but effective maintenance tips to extend their lifespan.