Getting the Most out of a Home and Garden

Features to add to your verandah

The verandah is the roofed outside extension of the house. A verandah creates an open gallery to the outdoors and you can use the extra space for various functions. Verandahs come in various shapes and designs. They are also referred to as porches, patios, and gazebos.


You can use decorative railing designs to enhance the look of your verandah. Railings not only create an ideal enclosed outdoor space but also offer you a variety of beautification options. You can place potted plants on the top of the railing posts or even grow vines along the rails giving your verandah an earthier look. You can also go for elegant designs such as glass railings.

Verandah furniture

There is no better way to enjoy the outdoors while still in the comfort of your own home. You can use outdoor furniture to decorate the space. You can also use dining furniture for outdoor meals, an outdoor bar or simply a lounge where you can enjoy the outdoor breeze with friends and family. They create a lot of extra space especially when hosting many guests.


If you ever wanted to create an extra room without going through the hassle of construction, you can save a lot more by using your verandah. Clearing roofing panels in particular can create all the lighting you need to so you can also save on wiring and lighting. You can also use glass panel enclosures just to create a well-sheltered enclosure but with a lot of visual access to the outdoors.  A solarium merges the indoors and the outdoors by allowing a lot of light to filter into the room. Solariums can create excellent space for art workshops, potted plant gardens or even a small library.


You can also use extra verandah space as carports. Carports are great multifunctional spaces. Other than being a temporary shelter for vehicles, you can also bring out the lawn chairs and Adirondacks for some relaxing outdoor breeze.

Paving and decking

When it comes to verandah surfaces, you can either decide to use wood decking or pavers. Wood decking is very aesthetically attractive. Buying high quality decking wood can help to reduce maintenance costs since they last longer. Paving also offers a wide variety of options from asphalt, concrete or brick pavers. Pavers are the best option for multifunctional verandah spaces with foot traffic as well as vehicles.  Clay pavers also come in a variety of colors so have many options.

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