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What Homeowners Need To Remember For Their First Kitchen Renovation

Renovating a kitchen for the first time can be exciting for homeowners, as they will finally have a kitchen that is updated and that works for them. However, you also need to ensure that you don't make changes to your kitchen that might make your home difficult to sell down the road. In addition, don't forget to make your kitchen functional as well as attractive. Note a few reminders every homeowner should consider for their first kitchen renovation:

1. Don't overlook storage when opening up a kitchen

A common reason to renovate a kitchen today is to open up the space so that the entire family can be working there at one time, and so that a host is not separated from guests while entertaining. However, opening up a kitchen can mean sacrificing storage space when cabinets and cupboards are removed. A good solution to this problem is to have custom kitchen cabinets made that will offer the most amount of storage in every available space. Cabinets that reach the ceiling maximize space, and in some cases, custom cabinets can be added to the dining room for storing dishes and serving pieces.

2. Don't get too personal if you might sell your home down the road

Making changes that are overly personal and that might not appeal to a wide range of buyers is a common mistake when homeowners renovate, and they often then wonder why they don't recoup the cost of a renovation for a home sale. They may also reduce the number of offers they get altogether.

When renovating a kitchen, consider neutral colors for paint and surfaces, and materials that a number of buyers might like. Remember that you might like the look of bold red walls or high-end marble for your kitchen, but not all potential buyers will be willing to pay the cost for such materials or change the kitchen to something that suits them. Keep changes neutral if you know you may one day sell your home.

3. Ask for eco-friendly options

Eco-friendly options for the kitchen might include bamboo for wood flooring, as it's very sustainable and easy to replenish. Poured concrete for countertops can be painted and stained to look like granite or slate, and these raw materials are also abundant and easy to harvest. You might also ask about using reclaimed lumber for custom kitchen cabinets or for a butcher-block countertop, as this too is a very eco-friendly choice for kitchens.

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