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Decorative Blinds | 3 Pattern Ideas for Embellishing Roller Blinds

If you've decided to install decorative roller blinds, it's important to get the pattern right so that it resonates with the taste and décor of your room. With a myriad of patterns and designs available in the market, it can be difficult for any homeowner to make an informed decision. This pattern guide is designed to help you in your endeavour to decorate the roller blinds in your home.

Vertical and Horizontal Stripes

Vertically or horizontally striped roller blinds offer a more formal look to any room with their straight lines. Because of their elongated style upwards, thin vertical lines can make a room appear taller. On the other hand, horizontal strips can add width and depth to the room. Because they present a more formal appearance, vertical or horizontal striped roller blinds look best in more formal living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. You can either choose colours in similar tones to the rest of the room decor for a homogenous finish or you can choose bright evocative colours to make your blinds the focal point of the room. 

Geometric and Graphic Patterns

Bold geometric and quirky graphic patterns are soaring in popularity in contemporary-styled homes, because they make an eye-catching impact on the room. These bold patterns for blinds are meant to make a dramatic statement as the focal point of the room. Geometric and graphic patterns work best in informal living rooms, children's playrooms, bedrooms, studies and kitchens, since they offer an eclectic modern and casual look. Because you're looking to make a statement, these types of patterns work best with bright colours like oranges and reds to inspire a sense of energy and liveliness by brightening the decor of the room dramatically. 

Flowers and Foliage Patterns

The soft colour hues of plants and flowers is linked to the beauty of nature and creates feelings of peace and tranquility in the home. Roller blinds with mellow earthen colours of yellows, blues, greens and browns produce warm and inviting effects on windows. Flower and foliage patterns inspire feelings of freshness and natural beauty to uplift the mood of any room they adorn. Evoking a sense of warmth, these patterns work best in bedrooms and patios where tranquility and harmony is tantamount. Flowers and foliage patterns also work well in kitchens by bringing a sense of nature into the room. These warm patterns work brilliantly on window blinds to change the look of dull and boring windows. 

Decorative roller blinds can change the look of your room instantly –– use these ideas as the stepping-stone to exploit your creativity for introducing patterned blinds into your home.