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Use Your Wardrobe Doors to Make Your Room Feel Larger

Wardrobes give you a lot of space to stow your clothing and accessories, and that helps to clear your room and make it look less cluttered. However, with the strategic use of colours, patterns and materials, you can use your wardrobe to make your room look even larger.

If you are thinking about installing a wardrobe with sliding doors, here are four tips to use those doors to make your room look larger:

1. Use mirrors.

You can buy sliding wardrobes with mirrored doors. As the mirrors reflect the rest of the room, they create a visual trick that makes the room look almost twice as large as it truly is. You can use mirrors on their own for a sleek and spare look, or you can mix and match mirrors with some of these other ideas.

2. Embrace stripes.

Striped wardrobe doors can also help to make your space appear larger. If you want to create the illusion of more height, use vertical stripes, but if you want to create a feeling of extra width, play with vertical stripes.

You can have stripes that extend completely over your wardrobe doors, or you can choose doors made of a variety of panels, with each of the panels filled in with materials that create the look of stripes. You can blend wood, mirrors, colourful acrylics and other materials, or you can even opt for simple wood sliding wardrobe doors just painted with elongating or widening stripes.

3. Make them shiny.

Whether you are playing with stripes or simply want solid coloured sliding wardrobe doors, consider making them shiny. Shiny surfaces reflect light, and when light bounces off of surfaces in a room, it makes the space look larger.

To create shiny doors, you can use stainless steel, high gloss paints or light coloured wood varnished until it shines.

4. Play with light colours.

Even if you don't like shiny materials, you can create a similar effect with your sliding robe doors by playing with light colours. Light colours may be anything, from wood painted buttercup yellow, to lightly stained pine, to matte metallic colours.

In addition to embracing any of the above tips on their own, you can meld many of these approaches together. For example, you can order a striped sliding wardrobe door that combines shiny mirrored panels with light coloured metal or painted panels. Keep these tips in mind as you look for a new wardrobe from a retailer like Hills Robes & Screens