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4 Pink Plants That Will Transform Your Garden Into a Pink Paradise

Are you the kind of person who is obsessed with bubblegum pink and has shades of pink in every room of your house? If so, why has it taken you this long to extend all of that pink fabulosity into your garden space? Mother Nature has graced the world with many shades of pink across a variety of beautiful flowers, and by sourcing these flowers at a plant nursery or garden centre, you will be able to transform your garden into a pink oasis.

'Raspberry Wine' Morada Didyma. For a bright shock of pink that really grabs your attention, there is nothing that can beat the raspberry wine variant of the Morada Didyma plant. The flowers burst out to create an effect that is reminiscent of pink fireworks, and they can add colour to your garden from the late spring to the early autumn months. The seeds of this particular plant spread very easily so after planting this you might just end up with a whole garden full of fragrant pink stars.

Pink Roses. There is little more classic and romantic looking than a trellis filled with blossoming pink roses. Roses can actually be sourced in many shades of pink so you could create a very striking effect by filling your garden with every shade of pink rose that you can find. To create a beautiful display of roses, a lot of care must go into the placement, feeding, watering, and pruning of the roses that can be intimidating for a beginner, but rose gardening is a skill worth learning for those truly dedicated to creating a beautiful pink rose display.

Cornus Sanguinea. When you consider which plants to put in your garden, it's important to think along the lines of texture and season so that you have more than pink blossoms in the spring and summer time. Cornus Sanguinea, otherwise known as "Midwinter Fire" is a stellar choice because it adds interesting layers of pink to a garden, even in the winter months. The plant grows with brightly coloured pink stems that are at their most vibrant in the winter time.

Autmunalis Rosea. Your garden doesn't have to be free of delicate pink blossoms in the winter time either. The Autmunalis Rosea is a good choice for a beginner gardener who wants an injection of pale pink in their winter garden because it's a hardy shrub that can survive in most conditions – meaning that you just have to watch it grow and blossom. And those blossoms are really something special, with pale pink flowers that will fade to white over time.