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3 Bathroom Renovation Solutions for the DIY Enthusiast

Have you realised how expensive it can be to perform a complete bathroom makeover? Are you looking for more affordable ways to renovate your bathroom? Do you love doing things by yourself? If you answered yes, then read on and discover three ways that you can use to renovate your bathroom.

The Challenge of Renovating the Floor

One of the things that make renovating a bathroom floor (or any other floor for that matter) daunting is the hassle of removing the old floor material (such as old tiles). This task can be very time-consuming (and tiresome). You can avoid this hassle by laying the new floor over the old one. For instance, it is possible to lay new tiles over old ones. You can simplify this process further by buying self-adhering tiles. These will be easier to install because you will not have to apply any special adherent on the old floor. Remember to clean the old floor before you lay the new tiles. This will prevent the dirt or accumulated grime from limiting how well the new tiles adhere on the old ones. You will have avoided the added cost of buying tools to remove the old floor.

 The Challenge of Renovating the Bathroom Walls

Many bathroom walls have tiles. Such walls can also present the same dilemma (having to rip out the old tiles) as the floor. There are two ways that you can choose from to simply your task of renovating the walls. One, you can install new tiles over the old tiles in the same way as you did for the floor (by installing self-adhering tiles over the old ones). The second way is to put wallpaper on the old tiles. This may be tricky because the gaps between the tiles may create indentations that will mar the attractive appearance of the wallpaper. You can go around this problem by buying the thinnest sheet of drywall that you can find. Put this drywall over the old tiles. The wallpaper will have a uniform surface onto which to adhere. You will have avoided the costly process of removing the old tiles and preparing the surface for the new ones.

The Challenge of Renovating Water Fixtures

You may wish to install new bathroom furniture such as a new bathtub or a new bathroom sink. However, your home insurance policy may require that a certified professional should perform such renovations. How do you install them yourself, and still meet the requirements of your insurance policy terms? Install the fixtures in accordance with all applicable municipal codes. Afterwards, hire a certified plumber to inspect and certify your work. The cost you incur for that inspection may be lower than what it would have cost you to hire the plumber to install those fixtures for you.

As you can see, it is possible to find a solution to any bathroom renovation challenge that you face. However, you should hire professionals like Summit Bathrooms to do all the work if you have limited skills in doing a good job yourself.