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Choosing a spare bed that suits your home

If you are decking out a spare bedroom, the most important choice to make is the spare bed. Here are some things to consider beyond the simple 'laying on the bed' test.

The sleeping experience

You might not want to spend as much on a spare bed as on the main bed in your house that gets more use, but you can still make it a great sleeping experience with some simple tweaks. A memory foam mattress topper can turn a cheap and thin mattress into a pleasant and comfortable sleeping experience. Equally, some extra comfortable new pillows can be an easy way to upgrade the bed. New bed linen is also a great way to make sure your bed feels as great to sleep in as it looks.

Sizing for visual display

You don't want your spare bedroom to look pokey for visitors. Modern spare bedrooms can often be small, so it can make sense to have a double bed rather than a queen so that the room doesn't feel as pokey. If the bed is not used regularly, or mainly has single sleepers, then this is likely to be big enough,

If your spare room is for visitors you may not need as much storage space, so removing extra storage such as sets of drawers can also be useful to make the room feel cozy but not cramped.

The cleaning factor

If you won't be using your spare bedroom regularly, you might also want to consider the cleaning factor. An intricately carved bed head can look fantastic but will require regular dusting. Equally, it's much easier to push the vacuum cleaner under a slat bed compared to an ensemble, so many people prefer slat beds for spare rooms. You can minimise cleaning by keeping the spare bedroom door shut and keeping pets from sleeping in that room.

Extra storage

Slat beds also offer some space to store containers of extra bed linens (or other items) under the bed. You can even potentially store a trundle bed under a double bed, which can be rolled out so a younger child can share the room with a parent. These are more reasons that people often favour slat beds over ensembles for spare rooms.

Having a great spare bedroom set up can make your house an attractive place to stay for friends and family and help them to get a great night's sleep when they stay. Keep these tips in mind as you check out available bed option from retailers and websites like