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3 Types of Split System AC Systems Ideal for Residential Use

There are numerous air conditioning products in the market with regard to the brand names, energy efficiency and mode of action. Therefore, you should evaluate your options before selecting the ideal appliance for your residential space. One of the ideal modern AC choices is the split air conditioning system. This equipment has indoor air handling components and outdoor heat exchanger units which are connected for the cooling task. The system is advantageous because it does not require ductwork and the subsequent intrusive installation. Moreover, the indoor units are sleek and relatively small, ensuring that they do not interfere with interior aesthetics.

Here are the main types of split system air conditioners to consider for installation.

Standard Split System

The standard split air conditioner is the basic form of the split system products. This AC design consists of a single outdoor unit connected to one indoor air handling component. This is an ideal choice for your home if you are interested in cooling a single zone in your interior space. If you have an open floor plan and a relatively small living space, this can cool your entire house. The standard split system is relatively inexpensive to purchase, and you will get lower installation charges since the unit is highly compact. When shopping for your ideal product, inquire about aspects such as cooling radius, energy efficiency and control options.

Multi Split System

The multi split system is an ideal alternative to the central air conditioner for your residential building. This product is designed to connect a single heat exchanger outdoor unit to multiple indoor air handlers. The system will allow you to cool multiple zones in your home without installing ductwork into your building. You can choose indoor unit with different capacities, depending on your requirement.

For instance, you might require a more powerful air handler for a large family room and a smaller one for your bedroom. You can also choose your ideal style and colour, depending on the aesthetics desired in each room. Additionally, you will be able to control each indoor unit independently, giving you power over your immediate comfort and energy expenses.

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

You can choose a split system AC with the reverse cycle functions. Basically, this type of air conditioner works according to the heat pump principle. The indoor unit can absorb heat from the interior space and release it outside during the cooling cycle. When in reverse or heating cycle, the outdoor unit will absorb heat and release it into the interior space.