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Lawn Maintenance: 4 Tips for Mowing Your Lawn

Whether you are new to mowing a lawn or you simply want to do it more effectively, the following tips will help. They go over choosing the right lawn mower and knowing when and how to mow for the healthiest lawn possible.

Use a Quality Lawn Mower

Start by choosing the right type of lawn mower. Using a high-quality mower will make all the difference. If your mower is old and rusty, and requires a lot of re-starting, it is probably time for an upgrade. If you have a smaller yard, choose a push lawn mower, otherwise a riding mower will be fine. While riding mowers are more convenient, they are very hard to use with a small yard. Even if you have a big yard, having a lot of obstructions in the way might require the use of a push mower. When choosing the right lawn mower, consider the extra features as well, such as a clippings bag and safety features. You can talk with sales representatives at your home and garden store, such as Cox Mowers, for more information and options. 

Follow Proper Safety Precautions

It is also important that you keep certain safety precautions in mind when you are mowing your lawn. Before you begin mowing, make sure there are no obstructions in the way. Also keep pets and children from the yard when you are mowing. Do not let children ride with you on the mower if you have a ride-on mower; this is much too dangerous. When you are mowing, you should wear long pants and shoes at all times. Also consider wearing eye protection and gloves. Do not wear loose clothing as an extra precaution. If your mower is especially loud, wear ear protection as well.

Know the Right Time to Mow

You don't want to remove too much of your lawn, so make sure you are not mowing the lawn too often. If your grass grows slowly, mowing every few weeks should be fine. Also make sure you are only mowing your lawn when the grass is completely dry. This prevents clumping of the clippings when you mow. It might not always be possible to catch the grass when wet if you are in the middle of a rainy season, but it is highly recommended. Also, mow in the morning or evening, not in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest. You may suffer from heat stroke.

Take Care of the Clippings

If you don't have a bag attached to your mower for the grass clippings, move them toward the area of the lawn that has already been cut when you are discharging them. That way, they don't get in the way of the area you still need to mow. It also shows you what part of the lawn is finished being cut. It is best to just leave clippings on the lawn as it helps give back some nutrients to the lawn. However, remove clumps of clippings if you are cutting while the grass is wet. You can use clippings as mulch if they are bagged.