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Combining Beauty With Security: The 2 Best Shutters To Increase The Value Of Your Home

When it comes to installing shutters, particularly if you are preparing to sell your property,  you may cringe and think your home will turn into an ugly mess. This is because you may imagine your windows and doors covered with a metal rolling shutter, which isn't always an appealing addition to your home. It's true, when you are in the market for new shutters, the top priority will always be security. However, you don't need to dread installing old-school metal shutters, because there are different options available to you; shutters that you weren't told about.

Two of the best shutters you should look out for are aluminium shutters and timber plantation shutters.  Both of these shutters will provide your home with a beautiful edge while giving you a great amount of security. This is because both the aluminium and timber plantation shutters differ greatly from the typical rolling metal shutters. Rather than rolling down and completely over-shadowing your windows, aluminum and plantation shutters appear like regular, modern blinds. Not only do they look appealing, they provide a great amount of security from both unwanted guests and heavy weather conditions. By giving your home a modern look, while also adding a great amount of safety, your home becomes more eye-catching towards potential investors or buyers. Here is some more information about these shutters. 

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium metal is renowned for its great strength and lightness. Because of this lightness, aluminium shutters are easier to install and adjust. When you combine this lightness with durability and strength, you have the perfect shutter for your home. Aluminium shutters are a great compliment if you have an outdoor pool house or bungalow, as you can choose a suitable color to match a deck or ground surface. This added flexibility makes aluminium shutters a popular choice. These shutters are also great in your kitchen as the aluminum metal has resistance to heat, steam and moisture.

Timber Plantation Shutters

Timber plantation shutters are ideal for your home as they can provide a great amount of durability and sleek style. Timber wood comes in different varieties and strength, so it is important that you carefully select and choose the right type of wood. In particular, it is important that you choose a timber that is capable of withstanding force and pressure.

Tip: Western red cedar and grey ironbark timber are great types of timber for shutters. Western red cedar is great for providing insulation for your home while grey ironbark timber is incredibly hard and durable.

By installing these shutters in your home, you combine a sense of beauty with security. They will not only make you feel comfortable but also potential buyers and investors.