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Know the Main Causes of AC Compressor Failures

Most air conditioning problems result from a failing compressor. The AC compressor can be found near the fan and the condenser, and it acts as the heart of the entire air conditioner. Any damage to this unit can cause a major upset to the entire system. Here are some common causes of compressor failure you need to avoid.

Electrical Failures

The compressor can fail due to imbalance in the current or voltage, which causes the system to overheat. Another problem that results from electrical failure is the buildup of acids, which in return causes damage to other parts of the air conditioner. Make sure you regularly inspect the AC to repair any damaged fuses or wiring before they cause bigger problems to the entire system.

Accumulation of Dirt in the Coils

The condenser coil is responsible for expelling heat from the air conditioner. When dirt accumulates in the coil, the system will not expel enough heat and there will be increased temperature in the system. The compressor is, therefore, likely to overheat and eventually fail due to the increased temperature and pressure.

Occurrence of a Floodback

A floodback occurs when the uncontrolled refrigerant liquid returns to the compressor when the system is running. The refrigerant liquid is supposed to enter the evaporator through the indoor coil in order to be changed from liquid to gas. If the change of state does not happen, the liquid returns to the compressor. The runaway pressure of this liquid causes damage to the compressor. To avoid this problem, ensure that there is no refrigerant overcharge.

Presence of Contaminants in the Compressor

The fact that air conditioners are usually placed outside makes them prone to contamination from dust, moisture, animal droppings, air, leaves, acids, and soot. These contaminants pose a great risk to the entire system and can cause damages in the long run. You can avoid such damages by having an expert check your system occasionally to clear any debris or acids that may have accumulated with time.

Poor Lubrication

You need to keep the AC well lubricated to keep it running without hitches. Poor lubrication can be caused by oil pump failures, oil leaks or even oil getting trapped in the suction line. All these issues bring more contamination and poor lubrication, meaning that your compressor will easily get damaged. You can call an expert to check the oil pump and the lubricant levels.