Ash-Laden Carpets? 3 Actions To Remove Ash Stains From Your Carpets After A Party

If you just hosted a party the night before, chances are your morning after is filled with tons of cleaning and tidying up, especially if your floors are carpeted. Your guests probably smoked a few cigarettes and drank a couple of drinks, all of which seemed innocent enough –– until you notice unsightly ash-laden stains on your carpets. Leaving it unattended for too long will embed the ash deeper into your carpet fibres, so follow these carpet cleaning actions to remove ash stains as quickly as possible. [Read More]

The Frame Game: Should I Choose Timber Or uPVC Frames For Double Glazed Sash Windows?

Sash windows may be old-fashioned, but their beauty, practicality and ease of use has not diminished over the years. They remain a popular and highly decorative choice for your home's windows. However, in these cash-strapped and environmentally conscious times, installing double glazed windows makes more sense than ever, and this can present some issues with sash window design. The increased weight and structural stresses presented by double glazing mean that the material you choose to frame your sash windows is all-important, and choosing between the two most popular options -- traditional timber and modern uPVC -- can be a challenge. [Read More]

Kitchen Renovations | 4 Resourceful Ideas To Create An Entertainment-Friendly Kitchen

If you're into cooking and entertaining, then your kitchen is one of the most exciting rooms to set up. Most modern kitchens are positioned in the heart of your living space, so they double up as entertainers where you can cook, relax and unwind with friends. Follow these sharp strategies in your quest to create an entertainment-friendly cooking space during kitchen renovations. Consider Installing Centre Islands A kitchen island in the centre of the room gives you additional workspace and storage in addition to your regular benchtop, making them ideal when you're looking to create an entertainment-friendly cooking space during kitchen renovations. [Read More]

The Care & Maintenance of Teak Garden Furniture

Teak is a naturally dense, oily wood, and those natural oils are perfect for keeping out termites, fungi and rot. This makes teak the ideal choice for garden furniture because you can leave it outside year-round in the sunshine, the wind, the frost, and the rain without needing to worry about its condition or longevity. Well-made Grade A teak patio furniture will last a lifetime, and properly cared for can become a family heirloom. [Read More]