Considerations When Purchasing a Bathroom Mirror

Although the mirror is one of the most important components of the bathroom, not many put much thought into how this item can enhance the overall bathroom. Rather than opting for a stock mirror that comes with your home, you should look into purchasing a new one that would meet your individual needs. However, purchasing a new mirror is not simply about choosing the cheapest you can find. The following are some of the considerations that you should have when looking to update your bathroom mirror. [Read More]

Reasons to Consider Synthetic Grass for Your Residence

For some homeowners, having an aesthetically appealing yard means having to maintain a lush, green lawn. However, growing natural grass can be quite a cumber some task. Other than ensuring its stays hydrated so as to look healthy, you also have to regularly mow it and fertilise it to keep it in pristine condition. These maintenance measures may prove to be too arduous for homeowners who do not have free time. [Read More]

Important Considerations for Safe DIY Asbestos Removal

If you live in an older home, chances are that there is asbestos incorporated in the structure's drywall. This is because it was common practice to include asbestos due to the myriad of benefits it would provide. Some of these benefits include fire resistance, soundproofing and even enhancing the structural integrity of the drywall. However, as your residence ages, you will find that the drywall begins to disintegrate. In addition to this, maintenance measures such as painting or sanding the walls can cause the asbestos fibres be released into the air. [Read More]

Reduce the possible effects of air conditioning on your health

Air conditioning units are designed to keep buildings cool in summer. A down side is that the air is constantly recirculating through the building, which can have some negative effects. These are relatively easy to counter, though, with awareness, planning and a little effort. Don't make abrupt changes in the temperature settings Usually you will only make small adjustments to the settings on an air conditioner. If you want to make a significant change, then do it in stages, not all at once. [Read More]