5 Ways Businesses Can Implement an Effective Key Control Strategy

In a business, the potential for keys to fall into the wrong hands can bring potential costly and damaging consequences, especially if sensitive information, valuable assets or company records are stolen. That's why restricting access should be a priority, and for most businesses this begins with taking appropriate key control measures. Below are some important tips for businesses so they can reduce potential theft and prevent keys becoming unaccounted for – a major security risk in it's own right. [Read More]

Common Locksmith Specialties

Locksmiths are unique professionals who seem to use sleight of hand and a few mysterious tools to make new keys or get you into your car when your keys are locked inside. But the truth is that there's very little magic or mystery involved in what they do. They use good old-fashioned elbow grease, know-how and tools to accomplish their goals, and they can offer you much more than just key service. [Read More]

Spiders Are On The Move: Tips For Cleaning Your Gutters Safely This Summer

So far in 2015 Sydney paramedics have attended to 102 spider bites, and 43 of them involved the nasty funnel-web spider. While you know that it is important to keep your gutters clear to avoid fuelling bushfires, it is important that you keep your own safety in mind while you are cleaning them. Here are the facts you need to know about the funnel-web spider and your gutters. Why Are Funnel-Web Spiders in Your Gutters? [Read More]

Features to add to your verandah

The verandah is the roofed outside extension of the house. A verandah creates an open gallery to the outdoors and you can use the extra space for various functions. Verandahs come in various shapes and designs. They are also referred to as porches, patios, and gazebos. Railings You can use decorative railing designs to enhance the look of your verandah. Railings not only create an ideal enclosed outdoor space but also offer you a variety of beautification options. [Read More]