Lawn Maintenance: 4 Tips for Mowing Your Lawn

Whether you are new to mowing a lawn or you simply want to do it more effectively, the following tips will help. They go over choosing the right lawn mower and knowing when and how to mow for the healthiest lawn possible. Use a Quality Lawn Mower Start by choosing the right type of lawn mower. Using a high-quality mower will make all the difference. If your mower is old and rusty, and requires a lot of re-starting, it is probably time for an upgrade.

Glass Splashback Installation Tips

One of the top home design trends at the moment involves the use of glass splashback. Glass splashback is primarily installed in kitchens and bathrooms. It offers wall protection and is designed to bring ease when cleaning and also adds a new dimension of style to any room. The most popular space to install glass splashback is in between the countertop and cabinet within the kitchen. This space is ideal, and installing glass splashback on your own is a great way to remodel your kitchen on any budget as long as you follow a few helpful installation tips.

Why Should You Invest in Double Roller Blinds?

An often overlooked aspect of home construction, selecting the right window blinds can make or break a room. Not only can they add to the aesthetics or style of a living area or bedroom, but the practical applications of blinds necessitate their use in homes around the country. In terms of the right type of blinds though, which model suits your home best? While there are plenty of options on the market, double roller blinds are one of the most flexible and cost-effective choices to add.

3 Types of Split System AC Systems Ideal for Residential Use

There are numerous air conditioning products in the market with regard to the brand names, energy efficiency and mode of action. Therefore, you should evaluate your options before selecting the ideal appliance for your residential space. One of the ideal modern AC choices is the split air conditioning system. This equipment has indoor air handling components and outdoor heat exchanger units which are connected for the cooling task. The system is advantageous because it does not require ductwork and the subsequent intrusive installation.

Choosing a spare bed that suits your home

If you are decking out a spare bedroom, the most important choice to make is the spare bed. Here are some things to consider beyond the simple 'laying on the bed' test. The sleeping experience You might not want to spend as much on a spare bed as on the main bed in your house that gets more use, but you can still make it a great sleeping experience with some simple tweaks.

The 5-Step Caravan Awning Health Check

Losing your trusted caravan awning can be frustrating. Unfortunately, there aren't any doctors specialising in reviving a lifeless, tattered, poorly maintained awning. If you want to save yours from a trashcan-funeral, you need to know what warning signs to look out for. Use this simple 5-step "health check" to fix your caravan awning's problems before it becomes weathered beyond repair. Step 1: Debilitating Dirt While a dirty awning doesn't seem like a cause for concern, ignoring grime can cause problems down the line.

3 Bathroom Renovation Solutions for the DIY Enthusiast

Have you realised how expensive it can be to perform a complete bathroom makeover? Are you looking for more affordable ways to renovate your bathroom? Do you love doing things by yourself? If you answered yes, then read on and discover three ways that you can use to renovate your bathroom. The Challenge of Renovating the Floor One of the things that make renovating a bathroom floor (or any other floor for that matter) daunting is the hassle of removing the old floor material (such as old tiles).

Self Storage | 4 Strategies For Becoming An Intelligent Self-Storage Unit Loader

If you're planning to add more space to your home through renovations or are between homes at the moment, investing in a self-storage unit is a smart way to store your items for a little while. Loading your household items into storage units requires careful attention, especially because you plan on using them once again and don't want to damage them. Here are some smart strategies to become an intelligent self-storage unit loader.

4 Pink Plants That Will Transform Your Garden Into a Pink Paradise

Are you the kind of person who is obsessed with bubblegum pink and has shades of pink in every room of your house? If so, why has it taken you this long to extend all of that pink fabulosity into your garden space? Mother Nature has graced the world with many shades of pink across a variety of beautiful flowers, and by sourcing these flowers at a plant nursery or garden centre, you will be able to transform your garden into a pink oasis.

Use Your Wardrobe Doors to Make Your Room Feel Larger

Wardrobes give you a lot of space to stow your clothing and accessories, and that helps to clear your room and make it look less cluttered. However, with the strategic use of colours, patterns and materials, you can use your wardrobe to make your room look even larger. If you are thinking about installing a wardrobe with sliding doors, here are four tips to use those doors to make your room look larger: